Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday morning swim

It is amazing to me how reliably a good swim workout will dispel feelings of stress and weariness...and it really was a good one today, JB was coaching (though Tuesday is not his usual day) and there was no team practice afterwards so we had a longer than usual one also. Very good!

I will put down the whole workout in all its beauty, though I missed parts here and there due to lateness, slowness, absent-mindedness, etc. (in short, all the ills that swimmers' flesh is heir to--I skipped at least a couple hundred of the free from the warmup, for instance, those distances are really for the fast lanes only):

1000 warmup: 2 x (250 free, 250 as 25 fly, 50 back, 75 breast, 100 IM) (skipped most of the second 250 free, no time)

Set #1: 1 x 25 (fly), 2 x 50 (fly-back), 3 x 75 (fly-back-breast), 4 x 100 (free); then all free 1 x 25, 2 x 50, 3 x 75 plus 4 x 100 IM

Set #2: 9 x 100: 3 x 100 (75 catchup, 25 sprint), 3 x 100 kick (I did dolphin-dolphin-whip-flutter), 3 x 100 pull (25 breast, 25 back, 50 free)

And I had a word with JB beforehand, and it's perfect--he's very busy through Feb. 16, which is kind of my time frame for intense busyness also, so we'll figure out a couple lesson times after that. This is good, for peace of mind I needed to make a move on that and get the ball rolling but really it will make more sense for me not to squeeze it in over the next week or two, I'll be able to pay fuller attention if I can send my book manuscript off first...

(And I've got some good stuff to work on in the meantime--I need to try these couple other masters swim situations--and Wendy gave me a wonderful combination of analysis and drill suggestions on the video from the other day, it is going to be very helpful. This morning for instance I was breathing out rather than holding my breath and it really does make the breathing thing work better! Hmmm....)


Brent Buckner said...

Yes, counterintuitive that breathing out underwater yields less urgency for air overall....

Wendy said...

Yay!!! And breathing in a more relaxed way makes everything else easier, too!

Glad you had a good swim and that JB can share some expertise with you when busyness subsides.