Monday, January 14, 2008

Warm gym workout

It was a good one, though.

I spent about 80% of the day in an annoying but familiar mode--vaguely trying to write/edit--but really spending more time having thoughts along the lines of Hmmmm, I might be able to ponder this better if I just close my eyes for a few minutes--and generally feeling wasteful and inefficient with time. But finally around three I mentally pulled myself together, finished the day's allotted task and made it over to the gym next door.

Nothing special: 10 minutes bike warmup, 20 minutes core, three treadmill miles. But very pleasant--and now I have just had the childish but delicious sustenance of a strawberry jam sandwich, because the swim workout starts at 6:15--perhaps I had better go and eat an orange too, that will be pleasantly digestible...

(Why does it sometimes take a whole day to write a couple paragraphs and move a couple other ones around?!? At other times I am capable of maniacal productivity and can sit down and write several thousand words in a couple morning hours--today was most certainly not one of those days...)


Wendy said...

Hope it was a good swim, too.

Jenny Davidson said...

It was, thanks!