Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday evening workout

And a very good one too--I was all springy and well-rested, it was slightly amazing...

I meant to do three treadmill miles afterwards, but even on the way over there it was clear it wasn't going to happen, I was having a fueling issue (ate lunch early, had a Clif bar at 4 because I was starving, at 5 realized I was still starving but it was not the moment to find anything suitable to eat, and by the time I could have it was 6 and too close to the appointed workout for me to figure out anything--made it through the workout OK but there was no way it was sensible to do more, I really needed to eat at that point).

And then on my walk home I was thinking--hmmm, interesting, I am much more sensible when I am calm and well-rested from having been on vacation!

It is true that the little voice in my head is saying That is very bad, you have not been running enough at all these last weeks, you really needed those miles, but it is a quiet little voice and the calm voice of reason is all, like, No! Be sensible, go home and eat nutritious dinner!

And similarly I have already decided I am skipping the swim workout at 6am tomorrow. I need sleep, because I need to work productively and calmly and hard over the next couple weeks--I will do a quiet swim in the evening instead, the pool shouldn't be crowded (term hasn't started yet).

And anyway, that swim clinic really showed me--as if I didn't know it already!--that my swim technique is in far more urgent need of improvement than my swim conditioning!

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Wendy said...

That quiet little voice is bang on the money!