Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What I did on my vacation...

Not in the least triaspirational--but more suitable here than at the main blog!

Today I saw the most amazing thing--at the Botanic Park--BLUE IGUANAS--huge--and lots of 'em!

(But it gave me cause to think what a pity it is that we do not live on a planet where there are lots of ten-foot-long lizards prowling the streets of major cities...)

My photo-taking is at a very inferior level, you will get better pictures if you click through onto that website, but here's a tiny taste of it:


Wendy said...


(And they are, at the very least duathletes -- they run and swim very well.)

Jenny Davidson said...

The pictures do not do them justice, needless to say--you are going to have to see 'em for yourself.

(They are seeking international volunteers, BTW... you might do a couple weeks in the park on feeding duty, eh?!?)

Wendy said...

One day I will see them, too!!

How fun it would be to volunteer ... although we'll have to see how The Boarder feels about long absences.