Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday run

A good one, too - I ran a bit faster than I meant to, as I was late leaving the house and had made the unorthodox choice to run downtown for a meeting rather than running earlier (and cutting into work time - or perhaps procrastination time is a better name for it...) and then having to shower at home and take the subway downtown. It turned into a warmer evening than I expected, and I was dripping with sweat when I arrived at the rendezvous I had proposed - those in the bar were looking at me with horror as I peered in to see if my friend had arrived yet! Fortunately he had not, and we wandered elsewhere, to a diner on Hudson St. where we could sit outside. I first got to know T. by way of this project, which was frazzle-inducing at the time due to other work commitments but extremely rewarding in all sorts of ways; I have now agreed to take part in his next New York show, which will be at the Guggenheim in February and March of next year...

(Wondering: hmmmm, are there showers at the Guggenheim, could I run over there? It is a very slow bus ride from where I live, and a bit longer of a walk than is really desirable - probably about 3 miles...)

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Becca said...

Oh, hopefully we will be able to come to this one!