Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Strangely blissful Tuesday swim practice

It really was super-enjoyable - I have hardly been able to go to practice over the last few weeks, mostly because of work stuff (season of evening work commitments, ugh!) - and when I'm so undertrained for a long-distance triathlon, swim practice is often a luxury I cannot afford - but also, I think, I had developed a mild aversion after a couple bad swim practices (the one where I decided to swim in the super-slow lane but everyone else was wearing fins and there was a lot of kick and I needed a slow lane from the slow lane; and the even more demoralizing one where a couple fast guys came in our lane and there were 7-8 swimmers and I was getting lapped in the 200)...

In fact, when the intervals are right and it is a suitable lane makeup and I am swimming 3 times per week, it should always be an enjoyable swim - I was the slowest of 5 today, but same ballpark, and was comfortably able to make the appropriate intervals (or uncomfortably, in the couple cases where that was what was appropriate!).

300 free, first 1/2 of 300 reverse IM drill-kick-stroke by 75 (only had time for free, breast)

16 x 50 IM transitions on 1:10: 4 x fly-back, 4 x back-breast, 4 x breast-free, 4 x free-fly

5 x 150 free on 3:00 descending by :05

10 x 50 as 5 stroke non-free on 1:10 (I did fly, back, fly, back, breast), 5 free on 1:00

50 easy

2550 yards total

Bad news, though: Columbia has taken back the Tuesday-Thursday pool time for the summer, and until September the only TNYA practice will be on Saturday morning at 11! Obviously I can perfectly well go to the practices at other locations, but it is a real pity. I had just signed up for the phys. ed. morning lap swim (you pay quite a bit, but it is much less crowded), M-Thurs. 8:30-9:30am, and had thought of trying for 2-a-day swims on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but clearly that will not happen now! I will aim to make the Saturday one and perhaps just choose another John Jay one for during the week that will suit me...

Interesting swim event tomorrow evening - through TNYA, we're getting a great deal (like $25 instead of the hundreds one would usually pay) on a lecture and open-water swim clinic by Terry Laughlin of Total Immersion! Full report to follow, though I will not be able to write the lavish post I envisage unless I finish all of my grading during the day tomorrow...

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Wendy said...

Glad you had a good one. I look forward to hearing about that clinic!