Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday gym triathlon!

a.k.a. endorphins are making me feel great right now - too bad I am not training for a sprint triathlon...

Have felt super-tired all weekend, despite naps and catching-up sleep time - I went to a (very athletic - it was a pleasure to watch the thigh muscles in action!) ballet this afternoon - have been cold and damp and yawning all day - thought I would run at least 6 miles in the early evening, but it was one excuse after another (5pm yogurt insufficiently digested! rainy and cold! puddles!) - shifted to notion of gym run-swim, only then I left it too late even for that - left the house around 8pm with realization that I should swim first (lane swim closes 9pm on Sunday rather than 9:30) and then try for a bike-run combo of some sort.

And that is what I did - a short one - (seemed long enough at the time)! Now I have to eat some dinner, it is 10pm, that is too late!

Swim: 2 x (200 free, 100 back, 100 breast), 4 x (50 drill, 50 free) (catch-up, front scull, fists, finger-drag) = 1200 yards total

Bike: 30 mins. (8 miles)

Run: 1 mile


Media Mentions said...

Here is a tidbit of pretty cool news on fitness:


Wendy said...

Nicely done -- indoor mini tri!