Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday swim

A really good one, too - I desperately wanted a swim yesterday, but I was thwarted by a combination of an evening work obligation plus the fact that (now that my very busy schedule has let up for a couple days) I am sleeping like an invalid in a 1930s sanatorium - I wake up incredibly groggily, I drop off to sleep again mid-morning and then wake up again too late and too hungry to go for my run! (Happened both yesterday and today, ugh...)

I am consoling myself that the sleep is clearly desperately needed and that it means there's a good chance that for once I won't get sick when I travel on Thursday...

900 free, every 4th stroke (back, breast, fly drill x 3)

Modified version of Wendy's IM ladder, with 10 seconds rest: 200 IM, 150 IM no free, 100 back, 50 breast, 25 free build, and back up the ladder

1950 yards total

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Wendy said...


And not getting sick would be VERY good!