Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back on track

Well, I did have one shortish treadmill run while I was in Boston over the long weekend (Brent and I were cheering on his friend Jim Simpson), but mostly it was a wash as far as exercise goes, though inspiring in its way (but with vast quantities of eating and drinking). I am horrified by how quickly the spring's gone by, and how much lower my training volume has been than I would have imagined at the end of last summer!


I made a delightfully ambitious training schedule this afternoon - I'm looking at about four and a half weeks for this next block, basically planning on working pretty hard from now through to the Harriman Half on May 22, then taking a week to regroup and get myself down to Cayman and then get started the next weekend with my 'real' Ironman training.

Lauren and I met up to go to the evening run class at Chelsea Piers - it is an excellent class, with the major proviso on this particular occasion being that the wretched asthma is crippling me, I could not run nearly as fast as I should have been able to! I've got to see what can be done about this - I have an appointment tomorrow morning with a pulmonary specialist, will hope to get some useful thoughts about treatment.

Then we swam for about 50 minutes - did the warmup written up on the board for the masters swimmers, then some drill (Lauren did a more ambitious set than I!). And had dinner and official Ironman training consultation afterwards - so it really was a nice way to get back on track.


400 free with every fourth length stroke
300 breast as 150 swim, 150 kick
200 back as drill-swim by 50
100 fly as 25 kick, 25 drill, 50 swim

5 x 100 free drill-swim by 50 (catch-up, thumbs/salute, finger-drag, fists, something else I can't remember)

2 x 100 IM easy

100 kick

1800 yards total


lauren said...

It was really nice! And I came home feeling reassured on several fronts, so thanks!

Wendy said...

Buckling down is underway! (Advair is my friend.)