Friday, April 2, 2010

Short Friday swim

I am weary: I think I got underfueled, I feel better now that I've eaten. I went downtown on the subway to do what I thought was going to be pick up the TIP bicycle at 5 - I understood that they were going to call me if it wasn't ready by then, but that if I didn't hear from them it meant the bike was good to go.

Obviously should have called first; they were only just getting to it when I got there. Told me they'd call when it was ready to pick up, probably close to seven (when the store closes).

I walked over to Chelsea Piers (it's about 20 mins. each way from bike store/subway - beautiful day for a walk outside, but on the whole all this was a more complex, tiring and time-consuming way of spending my early evening than I might have otherwise chosen) and had a short swim with eye on the clock. But when I got back to the locker room around 6:15, I found a message on my phone saying that in fact the new shifters had either never been delivered or been misplaced, and the bike wouldn't be ready till late next week...

WHATEVER! I am only sorry that I didn't know sooner, as I would have had a longer swim!

Warmup: 8 x 100 (4 x 75 free, 25 back; #5-8 as odds freestyle drill, evens fly drill wtih final 25 full stroke)

2 x 75 fly kick-drill-swim

2 x 50 fly

50 back

1150 yards total

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Wendy said...

Sigh. Nothing is Ever Simple or Easy!