Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rainy Sunday run

Almost any weather (barring very warm) can become ideal running weather when viewed in the right light - today it was very lovely out there, in a perverse way.

(Drizzle, high 40s - nearly deserted, except for the very funny sight of four ponies giving rides to a handful of Young People in the middle bit of Riverside Park!)

The training schedule I made up earlier this week is wildly - delightfully - overambitious, and though I had 12 miles on the schedule for today, really I knew after yesterday's ride that I probably should cut that back a bit.

(Rationalization or common sense?!?)

I compromised on 90 minutes - probably about 8.5 miles, maybe a little more. Took 3 miles or so to feel the muscles were really warmed up, and I definitely had some fatigue in the quads, but it turned into a very good run in the end - afterwards I was flooded with endorphins and felt that running in the rain was the most blissful thing in the world!

8.5 miles


Wendy said...

Very good! (Pony Rides! Almost as good as Puppies!)

Leah said...

I find it very energizing to run in the rain. Though I always seem to forget this on rainy days.

Danielle said...

Ah, what a fine line it is between rationalization and common sense! I struggle with this almost every day I think!