Thursday, April 8, 2010

Short run

in the near bit of Riverside Park. I am taking the HR numbers with a grain of salt, it seems erratic as they show up but then again these numbers are eminently plausible (it's warm and I am somewhat dehydrated, so they were a bit higher than they might have been)

3.18 miles with strides
avg pace 9:38, max pace 6:26 (not for long - but I was finding it easy to get down to 7:15 or so for short bursts - I think I am not as unfit as I fear...)
avg HR 152, max HR 177

I have refound my training mojo this week, the last few days have been great and I will have a long ride tomorrow and a long run on Saturday. In order to have the right training volume, I basically need 2 workouts a day six days a week, with sporadic days off when necessary - some of those workouts themselves can combine 2 things, like a swim goes very well after a spin class. Still not sure what to think about schedule vs. no schedule - once the morale is high, I think I am OK with either, but I need to make sure I have appropriate bike and run volume for the events I have planned in May. Higher-frequency on running is good, that's why I was out for just a short one this evening.


Black Knight said...

Congrats, you are a great athlete if you succeed in checking the HR numbers while running. I got crazy when I did it!
2 workouts a day six days a week are a lot of trainings, congrats again.
Enjoy your long ride and the running Saturday.

Wendy said...

Welcome back mojo!

Danielle said...

I'm signed up for a spin class on TR evenings - I keep saying I am going to swim afterwards, but we'll see if that actually happens!