Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bridge attempt #1

In which I learn two things, both of which I sort of knew already:

1. I shouldn't run up the Greenway path if I want to get bridge access - it's much nicer than running on the street, but there's then a good 25-minute confusing and complicated negotiation to get to the south bridge path - I walked it, I don't like running and exploring at the same time, and it probably took almost half an hour. Not worth the time! (And not as good aerobic benefits from two half-hour runs with a half-hour of walking in between - though it is true, it is a hilly walk, it is not nothing...)

2. The south path is not always open!!!! I passed by the north path first, and saw it was open, so I walked up the little steps and out onto the first bit of path, but I figured that was not what I needed to practice - it takes forever to get round from that side to the other (partly because I can't remember the right way to go), and by the time I found the south path was closed, I really could not be bothered to go back to the other one.

Anyway, on foot and with no bicycle I don't think I would have had an actual panic attack anyway, so I will make another attempt where I do it on foot and with no worries about bicycles, and see how I do.

I see I can get alerts about which path is open sent to my email account - obviously that is the site I need to check before I make my next attempt. I am interested to see the exact language they use about cycling: "Bicyclists using the sidewalk are asked to walk their bikes for the safety of all sidewalk users. Bicyclists who choose to ride are asked to exercise caution and ride slowly. Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all times." Obviously in reality 99% of cyclists are riding rather than walking, but it is genuinely a horribly overcrowded path (on a nice weekend day) even aside from the fact of being on a bridge and without a nice high railing - that's why I need to practice walking and riding it on weekdays when it will not be crowded.


Wendy said...

Oh dear! I must say, the photos made me laugh -- but Nothing is Ever Simple or Easy! (Although it sounds like alerts might help.)

Becca said...

Oh, Wendy, I'm glad you laughed too, because I was just going to ask if finding these photos hilarious made me evil and unsupportive! Really I am wishing you the best of success with the whole thing.