Sunday, April 11, 2010


(Most of) Spinervals 13.0, my favorite Spinervals workout - I am irked not to have finished, I made it over the mental and physical hump of the one-hour-left mark pretty readily, but then with about twenty-something minutes still to go I felt something odd happening with my right cleat - a moment later the whole pedal flew off! It is very rusty, and I couldn't screw it back on - will have to dig pedal wrench out of the triathlon closet and see what unguents I can scare up (WD-40, steel wool, lubricants?) to get it back on.

2:36:02, avg HR 128, max HR invalid (it says 190, but that is impossible! I would guess around 148 based on what I noticed on the HR monitor with my own eyes)


Wendy said...

It was a good ride -- but that kind of excitement you can do without!

Black Knight said...

Saturday is always for the long! I like the pictures of the blessing.