Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday bike

BEST TRAINING RIDE EVER. Seriously - even if it is only because I have not had many really good ones!

Lauren, like the generous friend and cycling mentor that she is, when faced with the fact that I really cannot yet ride over the bridge & that this is one of the last times this season we'll have the chance to ride together, made a fantastic offer, at some inconvenience to herself: she drove from Brooklyn, picked me up in the car at 9, we parked in New Jersey just off the bridge and started from there. It will not be a sensible long-term way of proceeding, because that's 2 hours of driving for her that could be bike miles instead, but it was a delightful treat for today. It also takes some stoicism on her part to let the fast cyclists blow by us as she accommodates my pace - in short, major props to Lauren, who has earned some very good karma with the help she's given me over the last year or two....

We had an excellent ride. Gorgeous weather (really perfect - a bit cool, but only in the good way - low to mid 60s, I guess). It is such a great hilly route - the hills are more of a mental challenge than a physical, honestly; it is beforehand that my heart quails, but it is fine once I am riding them.

We went out to Rockland State Park again and did that very pretty park loop, then rode back through Nyack and stopped for a bite to eat at the Runcible Spoon. Which was utterly THRONGED with cyclists - I said that my blog readers in other parts of the country would not believe how busy it is, and Lauren kindly stepped outside to snap a picture on her iPhone!

52.3 miles, 3:29:10, avg pace 15.0mph


Wendy said...

Very, very good! (And what pray tell, did you find of interest at The Runcible Spoon?)

Black Knight said...

3 and half hours on a bike: very good job! I am sure you will have other wonderful rides.

Brent Buckner said...