Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Long runs

(It was not strictly speaking - at least personally! - triaspirational, but I had a lovely time earlier this evening as a volunteer at the Stroke and Stride race as I got to KAYAK!)

Just dug out last year's post about marathon training decisions - I decided then not to use a real plan, just to write the long runs into my appointment book and let the rest take care of itself, and I think that will be a good approach for this year too. Which leaves me with something like this, given that this year's race is a week earlier than the one I did last year:

9/3 14
(Ottawa 9/4-9/12)
9/11 16
9/18 14
9/25 18 (a.k.a. 3 hours treadmill?)
(New York c. 9/18-10/24, with side trips to Portland, ME and Buffalo, NY - will have to do midweek long runs to avoid conflicts with side travel)
10/2 12 (Lauren's wedding!)
10/7 or 10/8 16
(Portland 10/8-10.10 - Arielle's wedding!)
10/14 18
10/20 20
(Buffalo 10/21-10/24)
(then straight back to Cayman - end of travels, at least till Thanksgiving, thank goodness... unless another Ottawa trip is needed here... at least that would mean I could do my final 20-miler outdoors rather than on the treadmill... I am thinking about trying to do some of these longer runs outdoors here, but heat and water issues are near-insurmountable, unless I start at 5am, which I am incapable of doing...)
1 two-hour run in here somewhere
10/30 20
(10/31 buildup triathlon)
11/6 12
11/12 10
(11/13 5K swim, 11/14 buildup triathlon)
11/21 Philadelphia marathon!

Hmmmm, this may be difficult, but I will at least try and approximate such a schedule, and I think it should be I will have a reasonably nice race...

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Becca said...

As you know, I am always in awe of your training, but this is how I trained for my marathons: just plotted the weekend runs back from the marathon date, starting at 10 miles and going up 2 every week to 20 two weeks before the marathon (hmm, that can't be right, because I spent 10 weeks training for each, but I'm guessing there were events like your triathlon or travel that made some stretches a bit longer). I didn't even go back (i.e. 14, 16, 14), just up two every week, rest day after long run, and an hour a day most other days, unless I couldn't, in which case a fast half hour. And I was perfectly trained for both. Long way of saying: good plan.