Monday, December 19, 2016

Misc. update

Had a glorious but INSANE trail run in Marc Taylor's memory Saturday morning in Virginia - there was an ice storm, many potential runners bailed, in the end it was just me and four of the guys from special forces! My knees (and a patch on my bottom where I periodically just slid along the trail because it was safer than trying to walk) are insanely bruised, but it was well worth it. The memorial gathering was so great too - really, really glad I went, though I'm still feeling a bit knackered from the whole thing. Couldn't run Friday before I left as it was too cold (and probably not a realistic plan anyway), took Sunday as recovery day (got home around 3:30, not bad).

Today seems to have gone on for a very long time! My lungs weren't feeling great last week, but today it dawned on me that really I am getting an ailment. Temperature still in the 20s by late morning so I cabbed it to the gym and ran on the track there - much preferable IMO to running on the treadmill, I feel self-conscious as I am going so slowly but the time passes way more quickly. Seventy-five minutes. Showered, fueled, then lifting session: 1hr (did back stretches first). Then I had an insanely good "medical massage" (they do it on-site) - walked out feeling all warm and happy and smiley. Anyway, the day seems to have ended well, we will see what kind of a cold (if any - maybe massage fended it off?) I wake up with tomorrow morning....

75 minutes run
1hr lift (3 x 8 deadlift @ 161, 3 x :30 squats with 20lb kettlebell, 3 x :30 step-up each leg)
1hr very beneficial massage!

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