Thursday, December 29, 2016


Yesterday was unfortunately a write-off: I got up with a reasonable amount of time to spare, dressed in running clothes and just couldn't make myself get out the door! (Day of too many moving parts and family obligations.) Had a good hour of PT in the afternoon but didn't get home from family dinner till late and it just wasn't an option by that point.

Today I delayed and delayed - it was very dark and rainy - then finally realized if I waited for it to stop raining, it could well be after dark in any case. So I got out, and after a while it did stop raining, really very nice and deserted too (and fairly mild). Just did 1:10 very very easy.

Skipping lifting today, too much to do before early am travel (though I have missed my chance for a last library visit, arghhh....). Waiting for notification that prescriptions are ready, and some more organizing and packing to do at home obviously too. Ready to leave town for a bit and have no human contact except with Brent! (Will miss cats tho....)

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