Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Belated update - I thought I had the perfect amount of time to do my full run, shower, eat and make it on time to 2pm teaching panel discussion, but really in this case as in most others "the perfect amount of time" meant just barely enough - I microwaved a meal while I was in the shower and shoveled a few bites of it into my mouth while also trying to put on shoes, but had to leave most of it behind (stuck it in a kitchen cupboard - thought it would be more palatable a couple hours later at room temperature rather than refrigerated and re-nuked, but didn't want a cat to get it on a counter!).

The teaching discussion was fun anyway! Though I note that the new haircut I got last night that looked so good yesterday is not reproducible without blow-drying, which I refuse to do....

Right lower back quite sore and more so as I ran longer - something on right hamstring-glute not quite right either - I think what I really must do is take up my old PT back exercises again and see if that helps. Otherwise very nice - it looks wintry at this time of year from inside a warm apartment, you have to slightly force yourself out the door, but really as soon as I'm running it's pretty great - I like overcast, low 40s, sprinkle of drizzle.

20:00 easy, 10 x (1:00 hard, 2:00 easy), 20:00 easy for 1:10:00 total. First interval seemed a little much so I reconceptualized as "smooth carriage, fast light feet" which seemed to go better, though still makes my back a bit sore....

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