Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I did run my 30 minutes yesterday morning, just forgot to log it here. Skipped powerlifting as by the time I finished getting my allergy shots downtown I was on the verge of total meltdown, seemed much wiser just to come home! Woke up at 5, did a huge spate of hard work (typing up notes for next Austen chapter - only, frustratingly, the two chapters that had slightly muddled identity really do seem to be one long chapter in need of streamlining, so though I finished one set I still need to tackle the other before I can get the chapter notes into decent shape). I think fatigue in general produces very negative emotions, but the fatigue of travel and especially jet lag does this to me very strong - I should have gone out for my run, it was 10:30 or so and I had plenty of time before a 2pm doctor's appointment, but instead I huddled in bed and dozed and felt awful. Got some lunch (Greek omelet, bacon) at a diner before seeing the doc and then took a cab directly to the gym - was determined to run as well as going to the lifting session, which is not proper lifting this week as Josh is in Thailand on vacation and we're just doing minor mobility work and exercise for the duration. So, all good, SO nice to see my team members again and exercise was good - I did my run first, 1hr easy (underdressed - forgot a long-sleeved windbreaker or gloves - but do really prefer to run outside if possible), then went more or less straight to powerlifting club. It was fun, I enjoyed it, only suddenly around 5:50 I felt very queasy during one of our last exercises - I think I might just have run out of fuel, I thought I'd be OK without a sport drink/sugar calories but this was clearly wrong! Had a few appetizers at the member party that happened to be taking place in the cafe afterwards, then walked a very rainy mile back to 7th avenue for a 7pm haircut that has significantly improved morale, then sashimi and edamame before getting on the subway home. Have big grocery delivery coming tomorrow, it takes days to get settled back in!

1hr easy run
1hr misc. exercise (shoulder and hip mobility work; Bulgarian split squats, 8 x 4 with 5lb weights; pushups [others did weighted but I felt that was surplus to requirements], 6 x 4 concentrating on speed and power going up; 30 on 30 off for 3 x medicine ball (a) slam (b) side (c) other side. I think that's it mostly?

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