Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Really nice mid-afternoon run with Lauren (I was in a terrible mood this morning - I think the holidays are just too taxing, I like routine much more than I like special occasions!), made me happy, then a good lifting session too. Lungs were feeling very tight earlier but seem fine now. Still haven't done back exercises, in theory I will do them when I get home but I can see it would be better if I'd do them earlier in the day (the best was doing them before a morning run).

Josh has us building work capacity currently.

(1) 5 x circuit: (i) floor DB press x 20 @ 20 (ii) face-pulls (cable) x 20 (iii) front raise x 20 @ 5 (by end of this shoulders are really burning)
(2) 5 x 5 ring rows (eccentric pull-ups for others)
(3) now that you're already knackered, the work set: 3 x 6 bench with 0-3-0 (hold for three seconds three inches above chest)
(4) 100 dips with bands

1hr easy run
1hr upper body

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