Monday, January 23, 2017


Ah, one of those days when we had a horrible circuit and only a small deadlift workout! I skipped a couple bits of the circuit, knees rather tender from more running and I didn't want to do anything that made 'em feel sore (i.e. rope jumping jacks, jump rope, prowler) - just did med ball slams, single and double arm rope, air squats, step-ups. DL set 1 x 5 @ 40%, 1 x 5 % 50%, 5 x 5 % 60% (I did 141) with 45 seconds rest between sets. 4 x 20 I'm spacing out on the name - hamstring curls on yoga ball. About 1hr.

I thought I had the usual PT appointment at 6:20, but it looked like everything was shut down up there and when I called downtown to check, they didn't have it in the system - probably my mistake, I must not have set this up when I first went in. In fact it was just as well, I'm home earlier than I would be otherwise and the weather is truly horrible. I stayed and did my half-hour or so of back exercises there - will do that tomorrow also, it's good for accountability.

1hr circuit/DL, .5hr back exercises

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