Monday, January 9, 2017

Gym day!

Ah, it turned out to be a really lovely day for me, not weather-wise but on the inside, after a late-morning dip where I basically just couldn't deal and went back to bed with cats and slept for an hour or so. One of those days where I almost feel that I live at the gym - it is my happy third place....

(1) 40:00 easy jog on track (15F this morning here, can't run outside much below freezing because of tender lungs - seeing lung doc this Friday for annual check-up and particularly didn't want to have contravened his rule and gotten sick!)

(2) 1hr lower body: deadlifts @ 60% or so (I am lowballing because I keep popping in an out), 2 sets of 10 plus one of 10+ but only where you could still do a few more: so, 2 x 10 @ 145, 1 x 15 @ 145; 3 x 4 kettlebell squats with 3-second pause at bottom; skipped farmer's walk as something in my knee had really locked up between running and warming up to lift (left medial); 100 pulley lat pulldown with moderate weight; 3 sets dumbbell curls (12.5) with each set as 6 x 3 and a pause in the middle or maybe on each one (have forgotten now exactly how this went).

(3) 1hr excellent PT at Fusion! This was really good. My back is already a lot better - Rome trip is going to interrupt things, but hopefully it's enough if I keep doing the exercises, I can decide whether or not to start back up again when I get back towards the end of March.

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