Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Run, upper body

Only getting home now 10pm from ladies' dinner, this day was TOO LONG! And I am kicking myself for book-finishing desires being so much at odd with training commitments, PT and I suppose life in general. Anyway, no complaints, but I am not sure I can really get book manuscript finalized before I leave early Thursday - it's fine, Feb. 5 is my real deadline since that's the day I leave for Rome, and I've got some other stuff that has to get done on hard time deadlines anyway....

Run was VERY uncomfortable - had various time and weather constraints that did mean I ended up doing in on the track at Chelsea Piers (I'd brought gear for outside but only a change of shirt, not full change of stuff, and it was still such a downpour that I realized I would get too cold with 40 minutes between workouts if soaked to skin). Right back and hip just very tight and sore, increasingly uncomfortably so as the run progressed. On schedule as 80 mins. but was probably more like 75 - usually I can make myself finish, but I'd forgotten to turn on my watch right when I started so it was a "made-up" number anyway.

75 mins with 10 x (:30 faster, 2:00 recovery) in the middle

Ate 2 hardboiled eggs and sucked down a red powerade, then went to do back exercises before 5pm workout. Got about half done (did the other half as sub-in for final "gunshow" bit I skipped). This was more fun than yesterday's circuit - we were doing everything simultaneously with Josh clocking it, it's more festive than having everyone mill around in Brownean motion!

1hr upper body: 6 x circuit of (a) :30 dumbbell floor press for speed (@12.5) (b) 5 pushups (others did up to 20) (c) 10 ring row (others did pull-ups - I was the only lady) (d) 20 band face-pull (e) 20 band triceps. This was good as it kept me warm! Then work set of 1 x 5 @ 40% (50), 1 x 5 @ 50% (65), 5 x 5 @ 60% (75) with 2-1-0 tempo. Very nice too.

Ate a steak with the ladies and was so stiff when I got up from my chair that I was afraid my hip flexors were actually going to break! Long run tomorrow morning, which I have been excited about but feel a little overwhelmed by just now. Gonna put everything ready and head to bed soon - don't have PT downtown till 2, but housecleaner is coming at noon so really I need to be home and in the shower before then, 14 miles (2 Central Park loops plus there and back) is pretty much going to take me three hours....

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