Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Run + bench

Ah, I really managed the first part of my day badly, but happy exercise brought everything round to being OK. Only left from here just before 3 - couldn't run in the am, it was too far below freezing (tender lungs prohibit, it's not that I'm a baby!), and by the time it had reached the low 30s, a stint of editing and library work basically left me more inclined to go back to bed than to get out the door. Several hours later... anyway, it was fine, I jogged to CP and ate a bar/rehydrated then did upper body (it works better for Tuesdays than it would for a Monday or a Thursday). And stayed to do my PT exercises immediately following as I suspected they wouldn't get done at all if I waited to do them after I got home. So:

75 minutes run with 6 x :30 faster, 1:00 easy

1hr upper body (the main work set was a fun one):

(1) 3 x 8 DB incline press @ 15% of 1-rep max (everything rounded down as necessary based on availability of weights)
(2) bench: 10 @ 55% (65), 5 @ 62.5% (70), 2 x 10 + 1 x 10+ (I did 12) @ 67.5 (85)
(3) circuit x 4: (a) 20 shrugs (47.5) (b) 20 band face-pull (c) 10 lateral raise (5lb plates) (d) 10 front raise
(4) 100 band dips

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