Sunday, January 15, 2017


Phew, that was a near thing - had string of minor near-meltdowns earlier (I really no longer can deal with riding in a very crowded subway car - construction on the 1 line meant the 2 was running local and already PACKED when I got on the uptown train at Chambers St., ugh - then the LIBRARY WAS CLOSED, noooooooo!!!!!!!!! - then I realized I hadn't eaten enough etc. etc.- just one of those days!), but pulled my act together and did get out the door at about the last possible time that still left me any daylight. First week of doing longish Sat. and Sun. runs and I could NOT let this one get away from me.

Notes to self: (1) this pair of tights is nice and warm but chafes delicate parts, next time wear underpants underneath! (2) it is not a moment too soon to have ordered a pair of transition lenses for my Oakleys with new prescription - even half-dark I see better with the prescription sunglasses than with nothing, but once it's almost completely dark you have to take them off and then it really is pretty dodgy!

1.5hr easy along the river

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