Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday minor mishaps

I miscalculated all of my exercise this morning!

Forgot that core strength class starts at 8:30 rather than 8:45 (this may have been lizard brain rationalization to stay in bed extra 10 mins.), realized just as I was about to leave and figured I'd go to 9am spin class instead - only spin class is at 9:30.

So I did half an hour of core stuff on my own and sauntered into the spin class at 9:25, only to find that all the bikes were already taken!

Walked back to the condo and set up spin bike here to do a Spinervals workout, only by this point I was distracted by (a) hunger and (b) news of Cayman earthquake. I wouldn't have known anything had happened, though in retrospect there was a moment of rumbling while I was at the gym that I assumed was the result of some overambitious lifter dropping a heavy weight bar to the floor!

I am now eating a turkey sandwich, will shower & spin/swim later...

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Unknown said...

Oh dear! Well, hopefully you'll have a lovely spin/swim this afternoon!