Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday run

90 mins. inordinately sweaty treadmill run.

(I am not complaining though, - a notion was bruited yesterday that we would do our 90 minutes this morning outside at 6am to beat the heat, but though I believe Brent may have been awake that early, he mercifully made a unilateral decision to modify the plan!)

My Polar HR monitor really just hasn't been working reliably - I think I need to replace it (or perhaps get a Garmin instead?) before my serious training begins...


Spokane Al said...

My vote is for the Garmin, but then again I am a lover of numbers rather than a follow your bliss, navel gazing guy, although I do enjoy that stuff as well.

Black Knight said...

I am for the Garmin too. 90 minutes on a "dreadmill".... I would die!!!!