Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday strength/spin

Did an early afternoon strength workout (core, upper body), then early evening spin (triathlete H. came as my guest, it was fun to see her!).

Counteracted beneficial effects of gym time afterwards with shepherd's pie and Dogfish IPA at the Half King (which has a 10% discount on "dining engagements" for Chelsea Piers members - now I am shilling!). A very nice evening with old friends I don't see often enough; it was good.

NB Lauren and I were discussing the other day the vexed question of mileage on these amazing hi-tech Keiser spin bikes they have at Chelsea Piers - very nice to get watts as well as cadence on a spin bike, of course, but Lauren thought the mileage must be in kilometers rather than miles, it was so much at odds with her real-world riding experience; I said I thought it was miles, and that indoor training is just more efficient.

I was not asking pesky questions today, I promise, but spin instructor volunteered this evening the fact that the distance readout on the Keiser bikes is a MADE-UP UNIT BETWEEN KILOMETERS AND MILES! I am not so scrupulous that I am going to go back and fix all my past spinning mileage totals in my training log, but if anyone has more details on a conversion factor, I will be grateful...

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