Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday run

There are several unintended athletic consequences a.k.a. lovely side benefits of this trip to Ottawa, which is really not so much a vacation otherwise (though we did also have a truly decadent dinner last night at the Keg - we are staying in a highly convenient part of town, right near the Byward Market and the university - lots of bookstores in the immediate vicinity!) - the weather here is perfect right now for running, and I will also be able to go to Technosport swim camp later this week (that latter is a bittersweet pleasure, as I always thought I would come to Ottawa for swim camp sometime, but of course it should have been to see Wendy!)...

Anyway Brent and I had a truly delightful run this morning on the path along the river - there were ducks - there was a malevolent corvid or two - there were various dogs, one of them a collie whose herding instincts had clearly been triggered by someone or something just passed - and a sausage dog very bent on getting somewhere - beautiful gardens - anyway, very good for the running morale to be trotting along comfortably with a breeze and low humidity!

c. 56 mins., c. 5.5 miles, avg HR 149 (zone 2/3)

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Black Knight said...

I miss the posts and the comments of Wendy.