Friday, April 8, 2011

Freezingly cold long run!

It is FREEZING out there! I was woefully underdressed - I am doing these runs at a much slower pace than my traditional winter 2-hour run, which was probably 12-20bpm higher average HR, but also, you know, it is hard to conceptualize April as winter! Anyway now that I have showered and fed myself I am having a very strongly positive feeling at having successfully executed this one - two of my three big weekend workouts down, only one to go (but it's so chilly outside, clearly I am indoors again tomorrow for the bike).

As I headed out, I was feeling fatigued enough from swimming earlier that I could tell I needed to be very conservative on pace. I gave myself a break and took a 1:00 walk break on the 10:00, i.e. 9 mins. jogging, 1 min. walk. Had an extra few minutes of walking as I took a gel around the 1hr. mark, and one other longer walk up a hill, but kept the clock rolling the whole time - thus the slowish pace.

(Can I just say - I WAS FREEZING!)

(I ran up to the Little Red Lighthouse, one of my favorite runs - you run down to 96th St. in the little nearby bit of upper Riverside Park, then turn north and run along the river - the first hour was fine, but when I turned around to head south, it suddenly seemed that I was running straight into the wind...)

Not a lot of people out, but a couple of very cute little dogs: a Jack Russell that was athletically bounding up as high almost as its master's shoulders, and a very cute little brown dog that was running on a leash alongside a companion on a bicycle. I swear, on the basis of how fast they disappeared in front of me (I had seen them in the other direction too), that little dog was running six-minute miles!

12:06 avg pace
140 avg HR

About half and half in zones 1 and 2, probably the lowest-intensity long run I have ever done in my life...

Gotta rush now, going to a play in midtown - fortunately it has a 7:30 curtain and a relatively short running time, I have had a frozen pizza but am going to need dinner #2 in fairly short order...


Black Knight said...

Little red lighthouse sounds like a beautiful place, the lighthouse are always located where you can enjoy a wonderful landscape.
Yes...the dogs are faster than us....and this sometimes is a big problem!!!

Jenny Davidson said...

I know - dogs at one's heels are not always a desirable feature of the landscape!...