Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday double spin

Well, that was good. I was feeling particularly frazzled and headachey all day, and it was noticeable that in the second half of the second spin class I suddenly felt really good for the first time since the Beast class early this morning - the second class of the two is particularly to my taste, this is of course preferable to having the first class be superior to the one that follows. Lauren was at yoga, so we met up in the locker room afterwards and went and had Thai food and caught up on life and its vicissitudes.

2hr spin, avg HR 130, 1:02 in zone 2, only a handful of mins. in zone 3 (but hit a very short-lived max of 173 near the end of the second class, so that's cool...)

I am ruminating over workout plans for tomorrow morning. GB's plan has you do long brick workouts in the recovery week, so that my major workout for the week is a 2hr ride followed immediately by a 1hr run off the bike, but in order to execute that tomorrow morning I will have to get up at an ungodly hour and may also (more importantly) compromise the quality of my attention for a couple important work things. I do have some time Friday morning, but I need to be leaving for the airport by 11:30 at the latest and I don't want to leave my important workout for the same day as travel. But I am thinking that I might have to split the ride and the run up - if I do my ride early tomorrow, then I have a couple good-quality work hours in the morning before my major noon work obligation, and I can do the run separately in a window during the late afternoon before a 6pm work obligation that will basically last till 9 or so. I hate to split it up, but I think it is the best compromise...

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