Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quick note

Ugh, yesterday there were several good developments: on Sunday I started to think about the super-cool race I am doing in September (have been hesitant to get excited about it because I have been sick so much over the last 12 months), and on Monday I had an ingenious idea about a way to do a long-course race in 2012 without locking in so far in advance and spending so much money.

It is the 2012 iteration of this race - suffice it to say that despite my sensible 'decision' that I would revisit the question of Ironman in February or so, I have not been able to stop thinking about it all the time: IMLP registration was yesterday (regular registration was open for some hours but is now closed), it just stirred me up; and though there are still foundation slots left for IMNYC, they are going to be gone very soon and it is an expensive race: NYC had begun to predominate in my thoughts over Idaho, because although Idaho is so beautiful and really the race best suited to my preferences [probable cooler temperatures], it is expensive and difficult to get to with a bike (one of the worst things about canceling in June was that I'd already shipped bike and gear bag at a rate of $300 - so I couldn't even bring all of my favorite gear with me for the summer as the bike had not yet been returned to NYC). IMCDA also falls at a time in the year that makes the heaviest training period overlap with my busiest period of the year, not conducive to staying healthy during training. The NYC slots, though, are probably going to be gone in another week or two - I emailed yesterday with someone at the WTC to confirm this impression, and it is indeed the case. But I had at least two three-week illnesses in the last year, each one preceded about 3-4 weeks beforehand by a one-week respiratory ailment that would also have prevented me racing, and I really don't think it's a good idea to hand over a lot of dollars (in this case it's $1500, the NYC race anomalously costs about $400 more than their other races and then the foundation slot involves an additional charitable donation of about $600) to the WTC for a high-stakes race that will make me upset not to start at if that's the way it goes...

Anyway, the Canadian 226 seems like a great solution, it's cheaper to register further in advance but you can still register for the full iron-distance race less than one week out, and for under $400! Ottawa is easy to get to from NYC, and it's Brent's hometown, so it's a sensible place for us to travel for something like this. It is not quite the same thing as the 'branded' IM races, it is something a scrupulously honest person will feel the need to qualify and explain, but truly for the reasons I want to do it it is the same, and I will not be sorry to have a less hugely corporate sponsored race - I believe this one is a really great event in any case.

Felt a huge sense of relief at finding this as a possibility for next year: this is so much the thing I most want to do that it doesn't sit right with me just to let it go for another year, but clearly the WTC IM-branded races have not worked for me thus far (the long lead-in time doesn't fit well with various things about my life), and it is stupid to make the same mistake again when I have already made it several times.

Anyway, as I say, I had finally attained a small portion of inner tranquillity for the first time since the beginning of June, only I was beginning to feel a slight tickle and soreness in my lungs, and indeed there is clearly something amiss. ARGHHHHHHH! Sunday's bike ride must have put a strain on them again; it's not a cold, but they feel tender, raw, with more phlegm than should be. My hands are irksomely TIED until I am back in NY in early September, I have to go and see the pulmonary specialist I saw last year and also find an allergist, I hate having a course of action but not being able to initiate it immediately!

In the meantime I will obviously take the day off from exercise, which is hugely stressful to me, it is basically the main way I stay on track - off to the cafe shortly to try and do a spot of writing, that is the other big way...


Ironmom (Julie) said...

That race sounds like a perfect fit. Do you take enough Vitamin D? We all started taking more of it after I read an article about the immune system benefits, and we noticed a huge drop-off in illnesses, even among the schoolkids. It's one of those vitamins you can't take too much of, so no harm in trying.

Black Knight said...

That race is a real challenge but it sounds perfect.
I am allergic too and in spring and summer my breathe is more difficult but .... I survive.
What about any race in italy? There are a lot of good possibilities.
Thank you for the link, I love that colony of bats.