Thursday, November 10, 2011


Yoga is addictive, I couldn't stay away!  (Really I was finishing up a big work thing in the morning and couldn't detach from the computer to go to the gym.)  It is a class that is specific for marathon preparation: I was afraid I would feel like I was there under false pretences, but in fact nobody else seemed to be doing the marathon either.  Less demanding in terms of strength and balance than the other classes I've done there this week, but very useful indeed in terms of stretching hamstrings, quads, psoas, IT band, etc.

1hr yoga


Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

The classes at my gym are really small and it is great because I tell the teacher that I am tight from running and she will focus on those areas. But I have never taken an actual class for runners!

Black Knight said...

Interesting: yoga as specific training for the marathon.
If only I had the time. My life is too hectic. I cannot wait for my retirement, but here the Parliament changes always the rules and it is difficult to understand "when". Maybe 3 years again?