Saturday, April 28, 2012


It was pouring rain earlier, and I hoped it would continue, as that is my best shot at running outdoors as opposed to on the treadmill!  In fact it was ideal, I was set on going out c. 4pm and by that point it was overcast and with a light spritz of drizzle, temperature in the mid-70s.  My pace was slow and I was slightly boiled regardless (it's not the heat, it's the humidity!), with very squelchy feet from puddles, but it makes me much happier to run outdoors than in.  Ran in 10-minute segments, walking every tenth minute, which is a mental trick I often use to persuade myself to do the full hour rather than 40 minutes - by the end of the second segment I am almost invariably keen to complete a third segment, and indeed it was so today.  Then the willpower is taken out of the matter as one is 30 minutes away from home and pretty much must keep up same pace for homeward leg if there is not a lot of slack at the other end on timing!

1hr very slow pleasant run (c. 5 miles)

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