Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Super-short run

Today gets my vote for most beautiful running weather ever, anywhere... it's sunny, 63F with 15% humidity and a light breeze.  I was determined to get out at least briefly, but really everything else was against it: I was very wheezy by the end of my race Saturday, and have been afflicted over last couple days with minor sinus infection, sleeplessness, allergies and the other woes that lungs are heir to!  Definitely felt wheezy today still, and when I hit the ten-minute mark and found my lungs still feeling raw and sore, I figured I'd better play it safe.  However it still was a highly enjoyable and worthwhile run - have to have good attitude even when I can only run short.

20 minutes easy run


Becca said...

Same here on all, well, just weather and length, not wheezing! But it was very good to get out there, especially as wind and such have made me pathetically running-averse lately.

Black Knight said...

Allergies are a big problem for me too. Especially in spring but as you have read on my blog I understood something more about my rhinitis.