Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blissful morning of exercise

(Barring an overly crowded bike path home - waiting for weather to get colder so that path is less crowded on weekends!)

Hmmm, it is slightly comical, others are fitter but I am a teacher - I led our boot camp class today as G. was detained by another commitment!  Breakfast in the cafe, then an hour's spin (we did two 21-minute climbs, it was evilly good) and an hour of restorative yoga, which I love.

1hr boot camp
:55 spin (2 x 21min as [3 x 7min, first set seated-standing-seated, second set standing-seated-standing])
1hr restorative yoga
10 miles bike

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Black Knight said...

A good day of sport. Brava.