Friday, September 28, 2012


At 4:45, still completely awake, I got up and emailed boot camp leader to let him know that I wouldn't be in 7am class - really I napped too much yesterday morning, I was so tired I couldn't stop myself, and the anxiety about waking up for a very early alarm exacerbates existing tension.  Got about 4 hours of sleep in the end, felt awful when I first got up but better after I ate breakfast.  It was torrentially raining at mid-morning, and I wondered whether I was even going to make it downtown for my beloved spin class, but the rain cleared and I had a good session at Chelsea Piers.  Legs very fatigued from previous three days of working out, and subjectively felt a bit tired, but though I couldn't get HR up on seated intervals, it was normal on the standing intervals and recovery times didn't seem much different from usual.  Two more days of hard training and then I have a recovery week - I don't really like those, but in this case I am clearly ready for one!

(I then got absolutely drenched riding home - about to strip and put everything in the washing machine!  It is a huge luxury of my NYC apartment that I actually have my own rather than needing to use basement or laundromat - will never go back to that option...)

:50 spin
500 yards swim (3 x 100 breathing every 3, 5, 7; 2 x 100 IM, first one fly drill)
10 miles RT bike

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