Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Park ride

I managed to talk myself out of riding on the other side of the Hudson, mostly for good reasons (I have an epic ride on Sunday, so legs and lungs really don't need another epic one today, and also various minor important business to conduct as I wait for my computer to get repaired at the shop). Rode in the park instead, and it was very nice: absolutely perfect weather, sunny and crisp and just approaching 60F as I was finishing. Logjam in lower end of park appreciably increases as morning advances (last lap was noticeably slower due to crowding), and really I should get out there a little earlier. Alas, the dictates of speed and the dictates of safety and traffic law (the latter two are not always identical either, unfortunately) are significantly at odds. I chatted with a cyclist on Harlem Hill who'd just been ticketed for riding through a light, but it is very hard to see what the best way of managing things is - the whole thing reads as "park" rather than "road," and pedestrians ignore lights too....

HR readings seem quite inaccurate, especially in first part of ride - not sure what to do about this.

1:41, 24.12mi, avg 14.2mph

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