Friday, May 31, 2013


I was really discouraged on Wednesday and Thursday; I got up early both days in order to exercise and then just couldn't get myself out of the house, and was too tired (and hot!) by later in the day to make it happen then either. Really this means that I am too tired and should take the day off, but I felt very glum, both due to lacking beneficial effects of exercise and to thinking that I am an idiot to think I should train for an Ironman when I don't even want to get out of the house for a short run!

However I had a Long Sleep last night, didn't set the alarm and let myself sleep as long as I needed (11 hours), and I felt glorious when I got up - full of energy and keen on the idea of triathlon again. Rode my bike down to Chelsea Piers for Joanna's midday spin - super-glad to be back in there, I love that class - and then had a very nice swim afterwards too.

Dropping my bike near Penn Station for tomorrow's ride was a pain in the ass, partly because they were disorganized (tell cyclists they can drop off their bikes from 3 to 7, then don't even set up the registration table until 3:30, and you will have many very grumpy riders) but also because it was SO BLOODY HOT! Standing in blazing sun on an exposed midtown sidewalk with the heat radiating up off of it is not enjoyable - I downed a 20-oz. bottle of water once I'd finally got to the front of the line (it was more than an hour's wait) and another 20-oz. bottle of Gatorade before I got on the subway, now on my second can of seltzer.

Tomorrow's ride is going to be warm but very flat, I will bail if I really and truly overheat or have mental cycling breakdown but I'm optimistic that it will be OK. Early start tomorrow - 4:30am rendezvous at Penn Station....

My swim set was lovely - in this weather swimming is the best, the feeling of cool water on skin is very calming. I did a little set that I saw here (I am keen to do the 4 x 600 main set also, but today was not the day).

Warmup: 100 swim, 100 pull, 100 kick

5 x 100 (1) 100 free (2) 25 fly 75 free (3) 50 back 50 free (4) 75 breast 25 free (5) 100 free
5 x 100 (1) 100 free (2) 25 breast 75 free (3) 50 back 50 free (4) 75 fly (!) 25 free (5) 100 free
200 flutter kick with every fourth length whip


:55 spin (2 x 10min climb)
1500 yards swim

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