Sunday, October 12, 2014


Had a disastrous night of tossing and turning last night, didn't fall asleep till well after 2 - it was partly my own fault for having taken an inadvertent deep nap (2hr) in the afternoon, but really I am just overtired in a fashion that has always made it difficult for me to sleep! I really did want to run today before doing anything else, but I decided to switch out today's scheduled "hard" run (hill repeats) for the smell-the-roses run on the schedule for tomorrow. And in fact it is the most absolutely gorgeous fall day and I immediately felt much much better - it occurs to me that this burning sensation about the eyes must be minor manifestation of fall allergy season (the allergy shots are extremely helpful, they blunt it considerably, but they are not yet fully effective) rather than an actual desire to weep!

1:03 as 6:1 - beautiful!

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