Saturday, October 11, 2014


This week really got the better of me. Thursday I had a ton of stuff to do during the day and was genuinely too tired to do much of anything (work OR exercise) by the time I got home. Friday should have been more realistic, but by mid-afternoon when I would have had the time to run, I instead fell into bed for a deep two-hour nap! Had planned to run down to Chelsea Piers this morning for Joanna's spin, but that works best either when it is warm or when I have left change of clothes there in advance; once I saw how cold and rainy it actually was this morning, and assessed ongoing levels of fatigue (even after three decent nights of sleep in a row, I basically feeling like I am toiling uphill just to do the least thing), I decided to take the subway and only do one class.

In favor of doing just short of 1hr of exercise: you really can go all out! It was extremely satisfying: we did a pyramid sort of thing, basically 26 minutes work in 2min blocks - starting out at base of climb, raising gear every 2min x 6, then 2min at the "top" and come back down by the same intervals increasing cadence. It is fun! It is hard....

Did a chunk of Monday's reading in the cafe, then came home (stopped en route for Thai lunch). It is going to be a struggle not to go back to bed; I have a vast amount that needs to get done this weekend, but that is an abstract question and sleepy feeling in the head offers more immediate incentive to act!

:50 spin

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