Thursday, June 29, 2017


Ah, I was overcome with dread beforehand - I haven't squatted FOREVER, and Thursday is traditionally squat day - but it was foolish, really we're in a period of conditioning more than anything else (GPP - general preparation?) and there were no squats scheduled! I love my teammates so much, I really have to make sure I can get to all three workouts in the week - I see why I failed on Monday and Tuesday but we will try and have that be an anomaly rather than a pattern. General prep for at least a couple more weeks still, so that will mean that I'm not missing anything huge while I'm in Cayman.

circuit x 4: (a) 10 med ball slams (b) 10 plank with banded row each side (c) (instead of prowler) low step-ups, 50 each leg

walking lunges: 3 x 15

band hip thrusts x 100

gunshow (triceps, biceps) x 150

1hr total

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