Thursday, February 13, 2020

Monday-Thursday catch-up

Monday: rest day from running, need to figure out how to set up failsafe method to get to a yoga class as I ended up just doing my essentials (sleepless night, very early hours of work, morning PPC plus post-PPC chairs planning; afternoon seminar; phone interview with journalist about Margaret's novel - at that point it was 5:30 and I was just DONE).

Tuesday: very nice 1hr as 1:1, I managed my Tuesday logistics better, though it was still a bit of a scramble to get to class for 12:10 start (I'm just not mentally used to teaching in that slot). It was a mild damp day and I was still very sweaty!

Wednesday: travel day! Sleep a disaster of course (5am alarm), but slept 2:30-5:30pm while Brent was at the office and then did manage to be asleep again 10-5:30, so all was well.

Thursday: 1hr easy and early and WARM as 1:1! I think I'll go to a yoga as well, I have some work to do but if I focus it shouldn't need more than 3 hours or so....

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