Friday, August 29, 2008


4 (disgustingly hot, disgracefully slow) treadmill miles, but I was very glad to do 'em!

Still slightly feeling the aftereffects of yesterday's travel, which was definitely (in my terminology) frazzledness-inducing (on the order of 14 hours door-to-door, due to a significant delay on the connecting flight in Miami and a further delay in Orlando when lightning prevented ground crew from getting luggage off the plane).


But I am back on track now, I wrote the daily quota of novel pages and I ran, and if I do a treadmill run tomorrow morning and a real-world run on Sunday evening after I get home (but I will be sensible and do it Monday morning instead if my flight is delayed, and retool next week's schedule accordingly), then I have fully acquitted myself of this week's marathon training obligations and self-imposed writing expectations.

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