Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday swim

Utterly blissful. Blissful because I wrote this morning, blissful because I have not swum as much as I'd like this week, blissful just because and blissful because - regrettably - I had the nostalgia-in-advance pain of knowing that this is my last structured workout in that pool till late September.


Next week the gym's completely shut. It opens up again the week after, but only with the regular (lane-rage-inducing) open swim hours - the separate dedicated lane swim program doesn't start up until some weeks into the semester.

There are a couple other places where I can sneak in a swim if I have the time to get myself there, but I'm really under the gun on two significant deadlines this month, and I need to protect my last bit of summer writing time - between that and marathon training, I can't see this next couple weeks being a great time to explore alternate swim workout options that involve travel time (a.k.a. opportunity to give myself minor work-related nervous breakdown while waiting on subway platform for train to come).

In September, though, I think I'd better look - that's when it starts being super-crowded in the evening at the CU pool, and I am counting on swimming for cross-training purposes. Hmmmm, will ponder...

(Fortunately I will be in the land of delightful sea swimming for the last bit of August, so at least I know I will have 3-4 great swims there, barring unforeseen calamity...)

Warmup: 200 free, 4 x 100 choice as 25 kick-50 drill-25 swim (I did strokes in IM order)

200 free on 4:15

2 x 100 free on 2:10

4 x 50 back on ?

8 x 25 fly, odds drill and evens fast, on :45 rest

12 x 75 as follows (it was 16, but I ran out of time - 4th set obviously would be as back-breast-free, also on 1:50):

1-4: 75 free as 50 smooth, 25 hard on 1:35

5-8: 75 fly-back-breast on 1:50

9-12: 75 free as 25 smooth, 50 hard on 1:35

2300 yards total

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Wendy said...

You had preemptive nostalgia!

That was a nice practice.