Saturday, August 16, 2008

Long run #4

It was tough but good - it's turned into a beautiful later morning, but it was super-humid and sunny out there first thing.

I barely slept last night, so I wasn't feeling so great when I started, but now it's good...

I ran over to Central Park and down to the mid-70s, then turned around and ran back up north to meet C. We did pretty much the whole park loop together, only I peeled off partway up Harlem Hill - my HR was fairly solidly in the 160s, I did not see any good reason to escalate!

Then I did a slower last couple miles back over along 110th St. to Riverside Park, down to 96th St. and up through the park home.

Pace data's a bit patchy: I stopped my watch as I was leaving Central Park (a lady asked me the time, and of course with these fancy devices it takes some doing to get that information!), which is why it's split into two, but sometimes the miles get broken up a bit awkwardly. I didn't stop the clock at lights, either.

(I haven't recalibrated the device, but I was poking around and realized that actually for some reason I had set the calibration factor at a 'minus' level, as it were - some fit of overscrupulousness on the part of my past self, I am assuming! I took off the calibration factor altogether and will figure that this at least is a fairer estimate.)

But let us say it was along these lines:

Part 1: 9.3 miles

c. 11:00 (lights)
10:47 (152 HR avg)
10:10 (156)
10:14 (156)
10:06 (157)
9:48 (162)
9:44 (162)
9:12 (162)

Part 2: 2+ miles

11:27 (at least 20 seconds just waiting at one long light, though!)

11+ miles total

Notes to self:

In future, please remember to use Bodyglide to prevent underarm chafing!

New hair elastics needed: nothing more mildly and minorly irksome than the ponytail sliding down the head due to elastic fatigue. (It is my one complaint about triathlon, that the ponytail has to go low on the head due to the constraints of the bike helmet! Otherwise a high-up ponytail seems to me preferable both in terms of comfort and aesthetics.)

Total mileage for week 4: 25+

I am very pleased with this week of marathon training. I really enjoyed it - some pretty challenging running in there. I'm not doing a high-mileage plan, so it's good if I can keep some intensity, even on the long run. It will be great when the weather's not so warm...


Wendy said...


Glad you had a good run!

Leah said...

I am with you on the ponytail situation! I usually re-do mine as I'm running out of T2.

ShirleyPerly said...

Nice job on your run! And I hear ya on the low ponytail. I have such long hair that I must also braid mine and wrap it in a (low) bun or else it would drive me nuts, esp. when wet.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem! Another thing to hate about the bike, ha. I do see lots of women with two french braids which seems to be very functional and stylish - if only I knew how to do those well!