Sunday, August 24, 2008

Long run #5

12 treadmill miles
5.5mph (1.0% incline)

I always think a 12-mile run is going to be a walk in the park (metaphorically speaking), only then in practice it never is! But I am very pleased with this one.

Note to self: do not ever again wear that pair of socks for a long run, the left sock was so squelchy with sweat by mile 10 that I could think of nothing else!

Noticeable cardiac drift, suggesting fitness shortcomings, but there is nothing to be done about that except keep on training. I would like the 12-mile run to be a year-round component of my training - I did pretty well through the winter but slightly lost the thread of it this spring as I switched to a triathlon focus. In 2009 I will hope to do better - it really is one of my favorite things, even if I'm doing more biking I should figure out how to keep it.

I am two miles short of the notional week's total (should have been 26), and it's all treadmill mileage, but given how poorly the week started off, I will take it...

Weekly total: 24 miles


Wendy said...

Ewww. Squelchy sock!

The week had a good finishing kick!

Wendy said...
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Becca said...

12 miles on the treadmill?? Is it too hot down there? It wasn't unspeakably boring? Oops, should have begun with: good for you! But you know I always think that!