Saturday, August 9, 2008

'Long' run #3

To my chagrin, I only had 6 miles on the schedule! It is a beautiful day, and we ran at super-easy pace - I met up with old friend P.'s wife K., who is also training for her first marathon this fall (she's doing Chicago), and joined her for the last 6 of her first sixteen-miler. We thoroughly egged each other on with rousing and inspiring running ambitions - we won't be able to run again together till September because of various travel plans, but it will be great if we have some nice long ones then, I have been in need of good running companions!

I did a short bit of hard effort at the end, but it really was an easy run, so I will have no compunction about using tomorrow to make up the 5-mile run I missed on Wednesday. Next Saturday I get to do 11 miles, this will be a treat, I am slightly starved for long runs; if only it could be nearly as nice weather as it was today...

6 miles easy


Danielle in Iowa said...

I have high hopes that relatively mild summer weather we are having now is indicative of a trend for the rest of August! Hopefully for NYC too!

Wendy said...

Nice to have a new running partner!