Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday run

A great run just now - I feel like I have finally done a really solid hard effort to be proud of, only I have lost all confidence in data from the Polar device - I was looking forward to providing some more respectable mile splits on-blog (they have been so slow, I have not been giving 'em!), only you will just have to trust me when I say that distance and pace readings are not correct!

(Device says 10:30ish average pace, but I am thinking it was for at least 3/4 of the run more like 8:45-9. Hard work - it's a nice evening, it cooled down a bit while we were out, not humid, but still in upper 70s.)

HR average in top of 160s, right at queasiness-inducing edge of lactate threshold and roughly 15bpm higher than I have mostly been running - because I am very happy to say that training partner C. is back in town, and that guy is just a much faster runner than I am!

His Garmin was saying 8:40 pace, anyway, and I think we were at or under 9:00 miles for much of the time. We ran down to the turnaround point below the 70th St. pier and then up along the Hudson to where the path temporarily ends at 125th St. Walked up the steep hill to upper Riverside Drive, then ran the last bit home.

Will recalibrate distances at earliest convenient opportunity, only I am not quite sure when that will be. I had a calibration factor programmed in, and then I got fed up and unprogrammed it - but now it is definitely giving me numbers that are close to 10% off for distances, that is no good...

c. 6.5 miles, tempo pace